Hello, Sarah here. Delighted you could make it to my blog. Thanks. Hello. Oh did I already say that?

You may have gathered I’m not good at introductions. I tend to say strange things then stand red faced trying to claw back some semblance of normal conversation until the poor person in front of me gulps their drink in one fail swoop, gestures towards the bar, then flees. Perhaps that’s why I write – it gives me much more scope to get my words right before I thrust them into the world willy-nilly.

Anyway back to the topic at hand: Why am I here? What the EFF is Learning Curves? What IS the hokey cokey really all about?

Presumably if you’re reading this you’re a relative or one of my six to seven friends so introductions seem wildly unnecessary – but we live in hope. If I were to describe myself in 24 words precisely I’d say something like “occasional disco diva (emphasis on the diva), compulsive macaroon eater, lover of bed and bouncy hair. Enthusiastic drinker of tequila. Somewhat less enthusiastic blogger. Currently living the rock ‘n’ roll dream as Features Writer for Country Living magazine.”

Okay thank god that’s over… Next up: Learning Curves. No – sadly not a lesbian porn site as a friend rightly pointed out the name suggests – but rather more innocently (for now at least), a blog.

You see, twenty-something life is replete with humiliating incidents, which while horrid at the time, actually make for quite good anecdotes later down the line. And I like to think that with every incident, I gain a bit of insight – a learning curve if you will. See what I did there?

In short, I write about life and try to do so in a way that highlights the happiness and the hilarity. There is too much misery and greed and pain and suffering and gluten free bread in this world, so all I really want to do is make you laugh a little bit. Perhaps my mishaps will even make you feel better about your own.

As for the hokey cokey… I wish I had the answer – but sign up and I’ll keep you posted with my findings.


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