On Paris and why I won’t be praying

What a dreadful day. The news has reached us in India and we are all so very saddened, so very sorry. But I still won’t be praying for Paris. – Because when we use phrases like ‘pray for Paris’ we shift the responsibility to respond to these atrocities from ourselves and on to a deity who many of us aren’t even entirely sure exists. It all sounds a little insincere – a bit of a cop out. Of course I’m sure nobody ‘praying for  Paris’ is doing so insincerely – of course it’s a well intended expression of solidarity. But it’s an act of solidarity which actually cuts off a large proportion of the population.

In responding to attacks carried out in the name of god, through asking God for help – we are perpetuating the very problem we are striving to rid ourselves of. We are relying on a god to solve our problems – to save us in some way. But perhaps it’s time we saved ourselves.

Some version of god has gotten us into this mess. Let’s not rely on him to fix it this time. In my experience prayers usually go unanswered until you actively seek to sort them out yourself. If we apathetically invest all of our hopes in a god to fix the situation, I fear we’ll be waiting a long time. Why not let’s just forget about god for a while – and focus on us instead – you know us – we – as in humanity.

By all means have faith. Have hope – god knows we live in it. Pray if you will. But for gods sake don’t put all your hope in this absent figure in the sky – put it in humanity – because we’re right here – and god knows we need it right now.