It’s what’s not being said on social media that defines a person’s profile.

In a world where nothing is deemed to have actually happened unless there is acute photographic evidence, it’s difficult to avoid the camera’s click. In truth, I’m sure we all feel the urge to impress our associates via exciting anecdotes about our latest outings to the supermarket or similar. We are generation over share after all. And as sad as the case may be – if you are not virtual, you virtually do not exist. But I have a sneaking suspicion that those who are having a genuinely good time, live their lives off screen as opposed to vicariously, via various social media outlets.

I’m a strong advocate of the element of mystery, of modesty and of elusivity. I like to slowly delve into the inner depths of my selected friend’s inner psyche the old fashioned way – over a G&T – well away from the monotony of social media. Even status updates depicting terribly exciting days are often the antithesis to their writers intention – dull and dim witted. If it is an interesting story and if we’re at all friends, then honey, I’d rather hear it from your mouth. Facebook gives us free reign to brag about our achievements and share our, supposedly, amusing anecdotes. But I think it’s what’s not being said on social media that defines a person. What they’re not prepared to share. Or rather, what they’re having too good a time doing to post about on facebook. Because, honestly, if you have the time to take 500 photos, how much fun are you really having? All I want from you, dear facebook friends, is a snippet, a tease – something that will keep me intrigued. Social networking is a game – it’s clever PR, and if you over sell the product, the customer will quickly lose interest. And if you… ANY OF YOU… upload one more status about what you had for dinner last night, then I’m terribly sorry, but I will have to reassess my decision to be both your virtual and real life friend. Seriously… You know who you are.

Contrary to popular belief, I am no angel, but am entirely guilty of having carefully crafted an online persona so that my peers might perceive me as the smouldering siren that I am, and not the slightly disheveled girl who sometimes doesn’t brush her hair for a week – who so often appears in the mirror. It’s taken me bloody years to select the correct cover photo – which screams “incredibly sophisticated and smart, yet spirited and sexy”. And I’m not willing, now that I’ve suddenly grown a sense of moral superiority, to allow my efforts to have been in vain. But ponder this – if I look to be having, even an ounce of fun on my facebook profile, just imagine the life that I’m not uploading – the one I’m really living. I’d love to talk more about it, really I would, but I’m far too busy being mysterious. Intrigued?

So facebook, for now I’m staying put. But I’m also remaining relatively mute. I’m all for honesty, but when it comes to social media, I think that, for the most part, modesty is the best policy.